Sunday, August 19, 2007

Uncle Paul's Stories Part 1

Linda was kinda enough to send me a collection of stories Uncle Paul wrote out for his grand kids. There are some real treasures in here and they should be passed along to everyone. So without further adieu, here is the first with more to come.


At one of our Turnbull Reunions at Standing Stone State Park, 1979 I think, Aunt Jean asked everyone to bring T-shirts. She had arranged for a design for silk-screen printing. Uncle Bill's family had navy blue; Uncle Frank's had red; Grandpa's family had light blue. Each family had different color of shirts, so if you forgot a name you could identify whose family the child belonged to. There were more red shirts than any other color. This was because Frank had more children and grandchildren.
Later on, in 1995, some of the shirts were worn-out. Several of the families didn't like their colors; some of the original shirts had been out-grown. So, a new set of T-shirts was made. We liked the light blue color, so we did not change. These T-shirts had a picture of a bull on the front and the words "One good Turnbull deserves another". On the back of the 1995 shirts, were pictures of some of the popular activities at the reunion. There was a rocking chair for story time, dice for boogaloo, a ball and bat for softball, a ball for keep-away, a Bible for family worship, and the wording "Time well spent". Cousin Lisa Walton designed them and several of us did the silk-screening on the back patio of the group lodge.
At the time of the first T-shirts, Grandma and I got them for all of our children. Sometimes, they had summer jobs and didn't go to the reunions. By 1995, four had married and there were six grandchildren with two more on the way, so we bought and did T-shirts for all.
We noticed an occasion or two in the week we visited in Richfield that Billy and Miriam had talked their parents into dressing alike in their T-shirts, and Nicole at Gladstone almost daily pointed to the blue T-shirt wanting to wear it and wanting the others in her family to, also. I think this continued until winter when Linda hid them.
We hoped that all would want to wear them to reunions in 1996,1997, 1998, 1999, etc.

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1983 front design (a little worn out)1983 back design
1995 front design1995 back design by Lisa Walton
( copyright Lisa Walton Inc & LW enterprises )

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