Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bull's Eye Bull_E_Tin

One more little post for the day...
I did a random google search for "David Russell Turnbull" and got a link to a pdf from, which is an international Turnbull news source straight from Scotland. They have been doing a Turnbull newsletter for years and apparently backlogged the older ones on their site. So the search above was referencing this small blurb:

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This newsletter was from the year 1981. If you haven't seen the Turnbull Clan website take a look, there are some interesting things to look through:

Paul Horne Turnbull

Here is another entry from the Penn State yearbooks. This is Paul Horne Turnbull, brother of David Russell Turnbull I. He use to come visit my dad and uncles often when they were young which my father talks about fondly. According to my dad, Paul would pile into a horse drawn wagon with several of his classmates for the morning commute to classes. This entry is from 1912:

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Post from George Turnbull

I got an email from George Turnbull (Thanks!) concerning the Turnbull Winery in Oakville, California. I am not a big wine drinker, but I know my parents had a bottle of their wine at some point and enjoyed it. Here's the message from George:

Hello Jesse,
I am George, the fourth son of Tom and Mary Jane Turnbull. I have two items that you may include on your blog if you feel the items are worthy.

For folks that would be interested in wine, clothes, wine glasses or... with the Turnbull name on it. Their wine is good, but it is expensive to ship wine to most states. Shirts and hats might be the fun choice.

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Four of Tom and Mary Jane's grandchildren. From the left: Michelle(Turnbull) Francis, Thomas BeveridgeTurnbull IV, Alexander Jordan Turnbull, Timothy Nathan Turnbull in front of the Tunbull Wine Cellars sign. Photo taken Dec 2007

George & Mary Turnbull