Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Notes from Tim Jessen

When Elma (Frank's daughter) and I moved to Indiana 8 years ago, we tried to find out information about (great-great-...) grandmother Jean Horne, who according to our family records was raised in Scotland, Indiana, where her father, William, was a minister (about 1840).
We went to the little town of Scotland (still exists) found the Presbyterian Church (now closed) and the cemetery, but no record of any Hornes! Checked with the county seat Church at Bloomfield (Greene County), and they could find nothing. We gave up our search.
Then last fall I was called to "pulpit supply" a Presbyterian Church in Hanover, Indiana where there is a Presbyterian College and several "Covenanter" congegations nearby.
Inlaws of our son Paul had done some geneology research and found the Hornes had located in Switzerland County, close to Hanover and the larger town of Madison, Indiana.(in the southeast corner of the state, close to the Ohio River).
Then we discovered there is a small "Caledonia" Presbyterian Church (Caledonia being another name for Scotland) which still exists! It was originally Covenanter, but is mainline Presbyterian now. Sure enough, looking at those records in the Hanover College archives, we found all about the Hornes, William and his daughter Jean.
So that's why the records we had said they lived in "Scotland" -- because "Caledonia" equals Scotland! Perhaps the Scotland post office name was already taken, and they therefore chose Caledonia. Haven't researched that, but it solved a mystery that we had been unable to solve in all our years in Indiana.
Tim (and Elma Turnbull) Jessen, Bloomington, IN

Thanks for the info Tim!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Back again!

Hi Everyone!
Well, its been a long long while since I posted anything on the blog, but my Uncle Hugh pointed out something pretty cool I thought I could share. Apparently Penn State has digitized their old yearbooks and Hugh was able to find a picture of my grandpa (David) in the '32 edition.

1932 yearbook cover
Click the image to view a larger version

I was also able to find Ruth in the '48 book...
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If anyone else has any alumni in their family, the interface on the site is pretty easy. There is a search engine on this page that you can start with:
There are about 20 results for "Turnbull". I will look through some and see if any familiar faces pop-up. Let me know if you find anyone of interest!