Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lisa and David, Private Eyes Inc.

I got the following email from Lisa a couple days ago with some great pictures to share. Thanks for all the work Lisa and Dave, these are great! As always, click on the photos to see them larger.
Hi Jesse,
Lena had a basketball tournament in Elizabeth PA. Dave and I went exploring for some Turnbull History there. Some of these photo's may already be on the Turnbull Clan Blog.
We spoke to Uncle Paul before we went "hunting". We are pretty sure we found the original house in this picture from his description. He also sent us to Round Hill Cemetery for the grave site. Dave thought the white painted building on the corner below the house in town would have been your Grandma Ruth Martin's family Funeral Home. You may have to ask your Dad or Uncle Hugh about this (Hugh confirmed this). I thought it interesting that if it is the old Martin Funeral Home , now it is called Ella's Boutique.
Hope everyone is well in your family. The Walton Clan Members are all doing well.

Turnbull Family & Baby Sally in Elizabeth PA
( This version of the photo is actually one from Aunt Dot that I have been working on cleaning up -Jesse)

Round Hill Cemetery Elizabeth, PA

218 Fifth Street Elizabeth,PA

View from Fifth Street
Site of Martin Funeral
John Cox was an employee of your Great Grandfather J. Will Martin.
The website said that after your grandfather died , John became the owner of the funeral home. Now it is Ella's Boutique.

Dave and I think that the church in the middle is the UP Church
that your Great Grandfather may have preached in Elizabeth Pa.
(postcard dated 1915)

These two collages were very cleverly pieced together by Lisa to create a really interesting effect. Well done!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Uncle Bob in the 1950 Penn State Yearbook

Aunt Dot was able to find Uncle Bob's entry on the Penn State website. This is from the Penn State's 1950 yearbook:

click image to enlarge

Sadly, we were not able to find Dot's entry from the 1949 edition, but we will keep you updated if it surfaces. If you would like to look through the catalog of Penn State yearbooks it is available online here:

Photos from Hugh and Josh's trip to Scotland

Here are some photos and descriptions from Hugh and Josh's Scotland adventure last year. Thanks Uncle Hugh!

HT, Ross Irvine and JT. Ross is proprietor of newly opened deli in downtown Hawick, the largest town in The Borders.

JT in front of Jedburgh Abbey

Bedrule Kirk. Bedrule is where the Turnbulls came from. William of Rule saved Robert the Bruce from a charging bull and was later knighted Sir Turn e Bull and granted lands at Bedrule. The Borders is dotted with wonderful little churches like this!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photos from Aunt Dot

I got an email today from Aunt Dot...

Hi Jesse,
Here are some family pictures that I thought you might want to include in the family blog. The one on the top was taken in 1924/1925 and the one on the bottom around 1926/1927.

In the earlier picture Sara is the baby- Top row from left to right: David, Ruth Johnson, Frank, David R., Bill. Bottom row left to right: Thomas, Mary, Sara, Jean, and Bob.

(later picture)- Top row L to R: Mary, Jean, Frank, Bill, David. Bottom row L to R: Ruth Johnson holding Ruth, Thomas, Bob, David R. holding Sara. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Aunt Dot

Thank you for the contribution Aunt Dot! If anyone else has pictures or stories to contribute, please let me know.