Monday, August 20, 2007

Twins John and Paul born 1929 ( Uncle Paul's Stories part 2)

:Update: I've added a little to this post since the images are pretty fitting with one of Uncle Paul's stories:


One Sunday evening in December of 1928, my father, David R. Turnbull, a Presbyterian pastor at Elizabeth, Pennsylvania preached a sermon on the text of Genesis 1:28. "Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." Later that evening, the twins, John and Paul, began their life journey. This event concluded the family of 11 children of David Russell Turnbull and Ella Ruth Johnson Turnbull.

It was the custom in the Turnbull home to leave family correspondence on the dining room table until after the next meal, where letters would be read out loud and shared. And so it turned out your Great-grandfather had shared with his father, your great-great-grandfather, T. B. Turnbull, this story about the new babies and how this all happened.

I am told that T. B. told his son, David, that the Genesis story was certainly all true, but that didn't mean he had to try to replenish the Earth all by himself.


Here are two images of John and Paul that Tena had together in a little booklet. We are guessing the first one is them at about 6 months or so and the second is them around 4, but they were labeled with no specific dates. The "Sep 55" date on the side is most likely when copies were made.

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