Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pictures from Josh

This is a series of pictures provided by my cousin Josh.

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Christmas Greetings 1930

Bill and David

Bill David Frank Mary

David R Turnbull I
Thomas Beveridge Turnbull II

Anna Ruth Turnbull Teaching in Saigon

David R Turnbull II ID Card from Vietnam

David Turnbull II family Taj Mahal

David Turnbull II family Taj Mahal 2 (a very similar photo I had)

Hugh J Turnbull in India 1963

Jim and Ruth Turnbull

DRT II Train stop in Switzerland

DRT II Isle of Iona, Scotland - Search for communion tokens

David R Turnbull II at Buck's Lake Reunion

DRT II and Ruth Turnbull with Josh in Yachats, OR

DRT II and Josh in Yachats

Tom Fred George and Hugh family in Napa 1979

If anyone ever has any additional information to add to pictures (names, dates, locations...) please let me know at:
Thanks for the photos Josh!

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